Course Curriculum

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    Module Two: Planning Your Intervention

    • Intervention Checklist Video

    • Intervention Checklist Audio

    • Intervention Checklist PDF

    • Team Planning Guide PDF

    • Long Distance Participants Bundle

    • Choosing The Facilitator Video

    • Choosing the Facilitator Audio

    • Choosing the Facilitator PDF

  • 3

    Module Three: Writing Your Intervention Letter

    • Letter Writing Overview Video

    • Letter Writing Overview Audio

    • Letter Writing Overview PDF

    • The Carefrontations Letter Outline Video

    • The Carefrontations Letter Outline Audio

    • The Carefrontations Letter Outline Bundle PDF

    • Examples Of Letter Sections Video

    • Examples of Letter Sections Audio

    • #1 Paragraph Original & Edited PDF

    • #2 Paragraph Sample PDF

    • #3 Paragraph Original & Edited PDF

    • #4 Paragraph Original & Edited PDF

    • Letter Section Lengths "Kara to Sam" PDF

    • A Story of Letters in a Pocket Video

    • A Story of Letters in a Pocket Audio

    • A Story of Letters in a Pocket PDF

    • Child/Teen Participation PDF

  • 4

    Module Four: Boundary Setting

    • Boundary Setting Overview Video

    • Boundary Setting Overview Audio

    • Boundary Setting Overview PDF

    • Boundary Setting Statement Template Video

    • Boundary Setting Statement Template Audio

    • Boundary Setting Statement Template PDF

    • Boundary Statement Examples PDF

    • A Remedy for Guilt not Grief Video

    • A Remedy for Guilt not Grief Audio

    • A Remedy for Guilt not Grief PDF

    • A Boundary Setting Story - The Day The Locks Were Changed -

    • Boundary Setting Exceptions PDF

  • 5

    Module Five: Facilitator Dynamics

    • Facilitator Dynamics Video

    • Facilitator Dynamics Audio

    • Facilitator Dynamics PDF

  • 6

    Module Six: Group Dynamics

    • Group Dynamics & How to Read Your Letter Video

    • Group Dynamics and How to Read Your Letter Audio

    • Group Dynamics and How to Read Your Letter PDF

    • An Actual Letter Read Out Loud Video

    • An Actual Letter Read Out Loud Audio

    • An Actual Letter "Dear Mark" PDF

    • FAQ Video

    • FAQ Audio

    • Expanded FAQ PDF

    • Closing Remarks Video

    • Closing Remarks Audio

    • Closing Remarks PDF

    • Feedback Questionnaire


Scott & Jenny Graham

Scott and Jenny have helped thousands of families, since 1988, overcome the obstacles they faced. They have done this by providing support, safety, and guidance before, during, and after family programs, with their signature sessions of a Five-Part Formula for Recovery as well as with interventions & transports. To view their entire bio, visit our website at

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